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Cập nhật nội dung chi tiết về Mẫu Thư Tín Thương Mại Tiếng Anh mới nhất ngày 24/05/2022 trên website Hanoisoundstuff.com. Hy vọng thông tin trong bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu ngoài mong đợi của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ làm việc thường xuyên để cập nhật nội dung mới nhằm giúp bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Cho đến nay, bài viết này đã thu hút được 34,848 lượt xem.

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  • Business letter- Order Sample

    Dear Mr. Schmidth

    Thank you for your enquiry of 30 May 2012 and please find enclosed our offer for bamboo salad bowl sets No 05/VH-WM/12 and the latest catalogue. However, we would like to note the following points:

    The price at which the goods are offered is USD 10.5 per set CIF Hamburg, Germany including packing, firm within three months, we also allow a 5% usual trade discount of FOB price for your first order.

    We have the good available for immediate shipment from stock within 3 weeks from receipt of your official order for order under 2000 sets.

    Payment is to be made in US Dollar by L/C at sight to be opened through CommerzBank, Muenchen 30 days prior to the shipment.

    We assure you that our bamboo salad bowl sets are food safe, attractive in design, reasonable in price will be popular in the Europe.

    We look forward to your early order.

    Yours sincerely

    Michael Hoang


    2. We would like to thank you for the samples sent to us on 25 last month and would be glad if you accept and make up our enclosed immediately for various carpets.

    3. We thank you for offer no. 234 of 6 May for small sized agricultural machines and glad to place an order on the terms and conditions as follows.

    4. We would like to confirm your order No. .. by telex sent this morning reading in full as follows:

    “10 pumps type…. At the price of USD 1200 per unit FOB Haiphong for immediate shipment and payment to be made by irrevocable L/C as usual and state some following points:

    5. Thank you for sending us your catalogue and current price list with your offer No. … dated 4 August, but we regret to inform that your price is higher than that of other suppliers. However, we hope to have other chance to do business with you in the future.

    6. Could you please arrange for immediate dispatch? And by the way we enclose the detailed instructions for packing and marking for your attention.

    7. We would appciate your dispatch exactly at the due stated in the order and we shall not take delivery of the goods after 31 December when the season is over in our market.

    8. We believe that our products with high quality will sell well, and look forward to receiving your further orders.

    10. We think these machines will be guaranteed within 24 months from the delivery date and 6 months since the usage dates.

    11. The goods under the order No…. dated 25 April are ready for collection. We would like to open a L/C on the terms and conditions as mentioned in the order above.

    12. We are glad to inform you that the consignment of components for colored TV assembly under your order No…. has been shipped on board SS Hau River. The ship will be sailing from Osaka tomorrow, and we hope when the goods arrive in HCM city, you will be satisfied with them and our promptness in dealing your order.

    13. Today, we have received in full the goods placed under order No… and would like to thank you for your special attention to this order. As stated this is only a trial order. Next month we will place large orders and hope to receive your regarding special order care.

    14. We hope that the perfect fulfillment of the order will lead to better future business relationship on the basic of mutual benefit.

    15. We can now feel at ease as our order No. … has been finally fulfilled. Through there were insurmountable difficulties and thought of canceling the order sprang up to our mind at times during the execution of the order. We hope our further large orders in the future will be executed promptly and most efficiently.

    IF you have any question, please contact me at yahoo: [email protected]

    An order should be acknowledged as soon as it is received.

    + Chúng tôi vui mừng thông báo với các ngài là chúng tôi đã thực hiện xong đơn hàng của các ngài và giờ đây đang thu xếp để giao ngay.

    + We are pleased to inform you that we have already made up your order and are now making arrangements for shipment to Osaka.

    + hàng của các ngài đặt mua đã được xếp lên tàu Oriet đi từ Hải phòng vào ngày 4/5 và sẽ đến Kobe vào ngày 8/5. Các chứng từ vận tải đã được chuyển cho Ngân hàng ở Kobe để nhận hàng.

    + Your order is already on board the SS Orient and sailing from Hai phong on 4 May and arriving Kobe on 8 May. The shipping documents have been forwarded to your bank in Kobe for collection.

    IV. Decling the order

    – Reasons for decling an order

    + The seller is not satisfied with the buyer’s terms and conditions.

    + The goods are not available

    + The buyer’s credit is suspected

    – How to write letters rejecting orders?

    + Regret your inability to met the buyer’s needs

    + Propose an alternative product, if one is available

    V. Seller’s counter offer

    When the seller receives an order he can not meet for some reasons, he mays:

    + send a substitute

    + made a counter offer

    + regretfully decline the order


    1. Chúng tôi xin cảm ơn thư chào hàng của các ngài đề ngày 1 tháng 12 và chúng tôi thấy có thể chấp nhận được những điều kiện nêu trong đó:

    Thank you for your offer dated 1 December and we agree on your stated terms and conditions.

    2. Chúng tôi xin cảm ơn hàng mẫu các ngài đã gửi cho chúng tôi hôm 25 tháng trước và sẽ rất vui mừng nếu các ngài chấp nhận và thực hiện ngay đơn đặt hàng mua các loại thảm mà chúng tôi gửi kèm thư này.

    We would like to thank you for the samples sent to us on 25 last month and would be glad if you accept and make up our enclosed order immediately for various carpets.

    If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me at yahoo:[email protected]

    What is a quotation?

    A quotation is a promise to supply goods on terms stated (các điều kiện nêu rõ)

    What information is in a quotation?

    Thank customers for their interests.


    Thank you for your enquiry dated 21 April 2010 asking about/concerning(lien quan) our sport wear.

    Details about prices, discounts, terms of payments.


    We usually allow a 15% trade discount on/for orders of over 1000 units.

    5% off retail price: giảm giá 5% giá bán lẻ

    The price quoted is $200 C.I.F Hai Phong

    Payment by irrevocable letter of credit/checque/in cash/

    Terms of delivery:

    An expssion of hope that the quotation will be accepted.

    Tabulated quotation: lập bảng/danh sách

    – Covering letter: thư gửi kèm place more emphasis on the points you want to get attention from customers and take the chance (tận dụng cơ hội) sto introduce st new to the customers.

    If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me at yahoo: [email protected]

      The importance of business letters

    – A mean to keep contact with customers

    – To exchange information/understanding customer’s requirement/ to get to know customers

    – To create a good impssion on customers

    – The printed letter head is on the middle-top of the paper

    – The sender’s address is always place on the top right-hand side of the paper.

    – It includes the name of the company/address/ telephone and fax number/email and website address

      Date line is below the sender’s address(not to write months in feeder to avoid confuse

    American English: 1/11/2010 means November

    British English: 1/11/2010 means January

    – Consist of the signer’s initials:

    Our ref: NT/TH

    Your ref: PQ/23

    – On the left hand side of the paper

    – It includes:

    • courtesy title+ name of receiver
    • Job title
    • Name of the company
    • Name of the house or building
    • Number of the house + street
    • Name of town/city, postcode
    • Name of country


    Mr. Vu Nga

    Sales manager

    Westwood Ltd.

    Nguyen Xien Street

    Thanh Xuan, Hanoi


      Attention line(not always require)

    For the attention of the production manager

      The opening salutation

    Dear Sir,

    Dear Sirs

    Dear Madam

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Dear Mr Smith

    Dear Mrs Alison

    Dear Miss Anna

    Dear Ms Alison

    Re: order No. 136

    1. Body of the letter: message is paragraphs
    2. The closing salutation:

    Dear sir Yours faithfully

    Dear Mr. Smith Yours sincerely

    Hand written signature

    The writer full name

    Job title

    +p.p(p pro): for and on behalf of the manager


    Yours sincerely

    Vu Nga

    Sales Manager


    Yours sincerely

    Mr. Danny

    p.p Vu Nga

    Sales Manager


    Enc. Catalogue and price list

    – Cc: carbon copy

    – Bcc: blind carbon copy

    – Full blocked format: all parts of the letter begins at the left hand side

    – Blocked format: the same as full blocked format, except the date line, reference initials, the closing salutation, signature and the sender’s address identification are on the right.

    – ½ semi-blocked format: the same as blocked format: the beginning of each paragraph is indented 5 or 10 spaces

    Thank you for enquiry of 4 th April in which you asked about our carpets and the conditions and terms for a big order.

    We ‘ve already sent you by parcel post a range of rug samples which are made of different materials, including synthetic fiber.

    We have enclosed the price lists, details about the terms and conditions for the order with big quantity.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you and to your opinion about our products.

    Yours faithfully

    Vu nga

    Thưa các ngài,

    Chúng tôi xin cảm ơn thư của các ngài đề ngày 4 tháng 4 hỏi về các loại thảm của chúng tôi và điều kiện cho một đơn đặt hàng mua số lượng lớn. Chúng tôi đã gửi bằng bưu kiện hàng loạt mẫu thảm thuộc các đề tài và bằng các nguyên liệu khác nhau kế cả bằng sợi tổng hợp.

    Chúng tôi xin gửi kèm đây bảng giá, cùng với chi tiết các điều kiện cho một đơn mua hàng mua số lượng lớn.

    Chúng tôi mong được tin và ý kiến của các ngài về các loại thảm của chúng tôi.

    Kính chào.

    Từ vựng:

    Sport wear: quần áo thể thao

    Clothes: quấn áo chung chung

    To appciate: cảm kích

    For your reference: dành cho các ngài tham khảo

    To be very interested in: hết sức quan tâm, Best attention, To place great emphasis on st

    Good value for money: đáng tiền

    Sole exporter: nhà xuất khẩu độc quyền

    Specification: đặc điểm kỹ thuật, quy cách

    Test certification: giấy chứng nhận kiểm tra

    Immediate shipment: giao hàng ngay

    Dịch các câu kết thúc thư hỏi hàng:

    1. Chúng tôi hy vọng nhận được thư hồi âm của các ngài trong tương lai gần.
    2. Chúng tôi mong sớm nhận được thư trả lời của các ngài
    3. Cuối cùng, chúng tôi muốn lưu ý rằng cần phải giao hàng trước Giáng Sinh và hy vọng rằng chúng tôi có đước sự đảm bảo đó của các ngài.
    4. Nếu các ngài đồng ý giảm giá theo yêu cầu của chúng tôi, chúng tôi sẽ đặt hàng mua số lượng lớn.
    5. Chúng tôi cần giao hàng nhanh vì chúng tôi có sự luân chuyển hàng liên tục. Do đó chúng tôi cần các ngài đảm bảo là lúc nào cúng giao đúng hạn.
    6. Nếu sản phẩm đó tốt chúng tôi sẽ đặt hàng nhiều hơn nữa trong tương lai
    7. Nếu giá niêm yết cạnh tranh, chất lượng đạt tiêu chuẩn, chúng tôi sẽ đặt hàng thường xuyên.
    8. Miễn là các ngài báo giá hợp lý và đảm bảo giao hàng trong vòng 4 tuần sau khi nhận được đơn đặt hàng chúng tôi sẽ đặt hàng thường xuyên.
    9. We hope to hear from you in the near future.
    10. We would be grateful for as early reply
    11. Finally, we would like to point out that delivery before Christmas is essential, and hope that you can offer us that guarantee.
    12. If you can offer to the concession we have asked for, we will place a substantial order.
    13. Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a rapid turnover. We would therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery date.
    14. If the product is satisfactory we will place further orders with you in the future.
    15. If the price quoted are competitive and the quality up to standard, we will order on a regular basic.
    16. Provided you can offer favorable quotations and guarantee delivery within four weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.

    Các câu mở đầu thư hỏi hàng:

    1. Công ty chúng tôi là một chi nhánh của IBM và chúng tôi chuyên về phần mền máy tính.
    2. Phòng thương mại quốc tế Việt Nam giới thiệu cho chúng tôi.
    3. Nhờ hiệp hội thương mại ở Hà Nội mà chúng tôi biết đươc địa chỉ của các ngài.

    Our company is a subsidiary of IBM and we specialize in software.

    1. We were given your name by the Vietnam International Chamber of Commercial.
    2. We are indebted for your address to the Trade Association in Hanoi.
    1. Đề nghị các ngài gửi cho chúng tôi bảng giá cập nhật niêm yết giá cạnh tranh nhất cho các loại vật liệu xây dựng của các ngài.
    2. Chúng tôi dự định đặt một đơn hàng với số lượng lớn và do đó muốn biết mức chiết khấu theo số lượng mà các ngài cho phép.
    3. Chúng tôi thường giao dịch theo mức chiết khấu thương mại 30% với những đơn hàng lớn hơn 1000 chiếc.
    1. Please would you send me as up-to-date price list, quoting your most competitive prices for your building materials.
    2. We intend to place a substantial order and would like therefore like to know what quantity discount you allow.
    3. We usually deal on a 30% trade discount for orders over 1000 units.

    Tra loi thu hoi hang

    1. Chúng tôi rất mừng nếu các ngài gửi cho chúng tôi ca-ta-log mới nhất và bảng giá hiện hành cho những mặt hàng nói trên.
    2. Chúng tôi là khách hàng thường xuyên mua mặt hàng này và chúng tôi sẽ rất vui mừng nều các ngài gửi mẫu và cho chúng tôi biết giá thấp nhất các ngài có thể chào bán.
    3. Chúng tôi muốn mua quần áo may sẵn, nam nữ của các ngài, giao hàng ngay. Đề nghị các ngài gửi mẫu hàng này và cho chúng tôi biết chi tiết về giá cả và thanh toán.
    4. Giao hàng trong vòng một tháng kể từ khi nhận được đơn hàng của các ngài.
    5. Chúng tôi muốn mua xi măng nhãn hiệu con Rồng đỏ của các ngài và sẽ rất vui mừng nếu các ngài báo giá F.O.B Hải Phòng cho chúng tôi.
    6. Chúng tôi rất tiếc báo cho các ngài rằng chúng tôi không thể bán cho các ngài những mặt hàng này được vì nhu cầu trong nước rất lớn mà chúng tôi không thỏa mãn được.
    7. Chúng tôi không sản xuất các mặt hàng các ngài hỏi mua mấy năm nay rồi nhưng chúng tôi có thể chào bán cho các ngài những mặt hàng tương tự với giá 500 bảng Anh C.I.F Liverpool mỗi tấn
    8. Nếu các ngài có thể bán cho chúng tôi những mặt hàng có phẩm chất chúng tôi cần, chúng tôi sẽ đặt mua thường xuyên với số lượng lớn.
    9. Nếu hàng của các ngài được như mẫu, chúng tôi tin là sẽ bán rất chạy ở đây.
    10. Chúng tôi mong nhận được tin của các ngài sớm và mong được gặp các ngài trong một tương lai không xa.

    We are please if you send us the latest catalogue and the current price list for the above mentioned products.

    1. We regularly buy this kind of product and we are very pleased if you send s the sample and the lowest possible price you can offer.
    2. We would like to buy your ready-made clothes for men and ladies, immediate shipment. Would you please send us sample of the goods and details about prices and terms of payment.
    3. Delivery within one month upon receipt of/from the date of receiving your order.
    4. We are interested in your Red Dragon cements and would be glad if your prices are quoted.
    5. We are very sorry to inform you that we could not sell these commodities immediately because the big demand at home which we can’t meet.
    6. We haven’t produced the items of the goods which you requested for several years but we can offer the similar ones at the price of £ 500 C.I.F Liverpool per ton.
    7. If you could supply us goods with the quality we need we would place substantial orders on a regular basic.
    8. If your products up to the samples we believe that it will be sold well here.
    9. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and to meeting you in the near future.

    Sight draft: hối phiếu trả ngay

    Retail outlet: cửa hàng bán lẻ

    To place an order for a computer system: đặt một đơn hàng về hệ thống máy tính

    5% of net price: giảm giá 5% giá trị thực

    A special discount on large orders: mức chiết khấu đặc biệt 15% cho những đơn hàng đặt hàng với số lượng lớn


    – Mention your prospective customer’s name

    – Thank the writer for his or her enquiry, acknowledge the interest in your company

    – Mention the date of his or her letter and quote/ any other references.


    – Thank for your enquiry dated 10 May, 2010 in which you asked about our sweaters for men.

    Confirm that you can help

    – let the enquirer know near the start of your reply if you have the product or can provide the service he or she is asking about.

    e.g: Thank you for your enquiry dated 6 July 2009 in which you asked about our batteries. We are pleased to inform you that we have a new line of batteries that fit….

    Selling your product:

    – Explain how it is suitable for your customer’s needs.

    – Encourage or persuade your prospective customer to do business with you or giving guarantee.

    – Mention one or two selling points of your product, including any guarantee, special offer, and discounts…

    – Mention not only the specific facts your correspondent requested, but also any place, catalogues, samples, demonstrations…

    If the information is not provided, you should explain fact fully to maintain the customer’s goodwill or offer as alternative or refer to another place.


    – Thank the customer for contacting you

    – Encourage further enquiries


    What is an inquiry/enquiry?

    A letter asking for information

    2. How to make enquiries?

    – By telephone/ email/ fax/ telex

    – To more than one supplierà to get the best offer by comparing prices/quality/terms of payment/ terms of delivery/ discounts….

    3. What to write

    3 things:

    – Say who you are/ what you are doing

    – How you know about supplier

    – Tell the supplier what you want

    + asking for sample products

    + asking for price list, catalogue, prospectus, some more details about the products: patterns, demonstrations…

    + suggesting discounts, terms of payments…..


    + We are manufacturer of broad-way delivery vehicles and electric vehicles disable people. We are looking for/ seeking for an alternative supplier a light batteries to power our these vehicles.

    Mẫu thư chào hàng số 1

    Dear sirs

    Re: rush mats

    We would like to thank you for your letter of 25 June and we were pleased to learn that you liked our rush mats. We are happy to offer you the goods on the following terms and conditions, subject to our final acceptance upon receipt of your order.

    Commodity: fancy rush mats

    Quantity: 5000 pieces

    Specification: as per enclosed specifications

    Price: GBP 1 per unit CIF Hamburg including packing

    Packing: 20 pieces in one bale wrapped in strong rush-matting and steel hooped.

    Delivery: in one lot in mid August

    Payment: in Pound sterling of Great Britain by an irrevocable letter of credit to be opened through London Commercial Bank, 15 days prior to the shipment to the account of the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam in our favour.

    We look forward to your early order and assure you that any of yours orders will have our best attention.

    Yours faithfully

    Vu Nga

    Mẫu thư chào hàng số 2

    Dear sirs,

    Thank you for your enquiry of 4 December for our rattan ware.

    We would like to inform you that the items you requested namely shopping baskets and fruit plates are out of stock. However, we are able to offer you similar products made of carefully selected bamboos. As you will see from the enclosed photo of the samples, the items marked VH3320 and VH3312 are much more attractive in design than usual existing ones.

    Our products are available in various standard sizes with different designs and we are in position to deliver the goods in different sizes, designs and colors with three months from receipt of the order on request.

    Our bamboo products are more and more beautiful and attractive thanks to the technical process which make them durable and artistic. We therefore, believe that the offered goods will be favorably received by British customers and sell well there.

    We assure you that any of your orders will have our great attention.

    Yours faithfully

    Vu Ngà

    3. Mẫu câu

    We acknowledged with thanks for your enquiry of 1 December for our Laocai apatite (Hoang Thach cement, kitchen ware, rattan chairs, range of woolen carpets…)

    With reference of your enquiry date 20 October boxed peanuts and pineapples. We are pleased to offer you these three items on most favorable terms and conditions.

    It is our pleasure to receive your letter dated 14 December asking for supply of anise and pine oil, and as requested, we have sent you the samples by post.

    We thank you for your enquiry of October for vase line and are please to offer firm, subject to acceptance within 10 days for 1000 tons at the price of chúng tôi ton CIF…

    We would like to buy ten pumps type X30 and ten pumps type X-25. Could you let us know if you allow a 5% discount for order of this quantity?

    We regret to inform you that we cannot allow discount on such a small order. If you increase your volume up to 30 units, we are ppared to give you a 2.5% discount.

    Delivery is to be made as soon as possible but no later than 1 December.

    We shall try our best to deliver the goods by the middle of November or at the latest by the end of that month.

    With regard to the terms of payment, payment is to be made by irrevocable letter of credit.

    The letter of credit shall be opened through the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam 15 days prior to the shipment to the account of Northern Europe Commercial bank in your favour.

    We would appciate if you could dispatch half the quantity we ordered and the rest will be sent in 2 weeks’ time.

    We regret to inform you that our inability to give you an immediate order/shipment of hand bag at psent.

    We will allow you a discount of 5% on orders of quantities of 150000 pieces or more.

    We shall be glad to serve/ to be of service you and hope to receive your further orders.

    If you have any request, do not hesitate to contact me at yahoo: [email protected]

    --- Bài cũ hơn ---

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  • Cách Viết Email Tiếng Nhật Với Khách Hàng Nhật (Business Email) (Phần Ii)
  • Cách Viết Business Mail Tiếng Nhật (Phần 1)
  • Bạn đang đọc nội dung bài viết Mẫu Thư Tín Thương Mại Tiếng Anh trên website Hanoisoundstuff.com. Hy vọng một phần nào đó những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã cung cấp là rất hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung bài viết hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!

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